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In October 2014, Jiangsu Province signed an MOU with the province of B.C. to increase the use of wood in construction. The MOU enhances co-operation and communication between the two governments, and is an opportunity to apply wood construction in Jiangsu where there is growing interest in wood buildings to increase energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions. The MOU covers wood construction research, exploration of suitable locations for wood building applications for Jiangsu Province, joint promotion of wood construction, and enhanced government and industry exchanges. The MOU is the latest advancement of a relationship dating back to 2008, when FII China and Canada Wood China first worked in Jiangsu Province, collaborating on a series of wood truss roof renovations in the Baixia District of Nanjing.

“The fact that China is moving toward greener building policies is a win for B.C.’s forest sector, since wood construction is more environmentally friendly, more energy efficient and leaves a smaller carbon footprint. Jiangsu is well positioned to succeed since two of their universities include wood construction in their curriculum.” Minister of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations Steve Thomson