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FII continued to cost-share and deliver the reThink Wood program in partnership with the SLB to promote and increase awareness of structural and appearance softwood lumber products among architects, engineers, and developers in the US multi-family and non-residential markets.

In 2014, reThink Wood-generated articles produced more than 250 million online and almost 2.1 million print impressions among its target audience. reThink Wood outperformed concrete and steel messaging on social media channels capturing a 40% share of voice, compared with 31% for concrete and 29% for steel messaging2 . In other words, the overall sentiment for wood was positive. reThink Wood took its message directly to specifiers by leading a coordinated tradeshow presence at the American Institute of Architects National Convention and Design Exposition and the GreenBuild International Conference and Expo, reaching over 18,000 attendees combined.

Meanwhile, 8,057 architects and engineers took over 12,550 course hours on at least one of reThink Wood’s continuing education units. Thanks to these education and outreach efforts, reThink Wood directed more than 300 sales-ready leads to WoodWorks (an FII funding recipient) and contributed more than 10,000 architect and engineer contacts to WoodWorks’ database for further analysis.