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Located in the suburban area of Dujiangyan City, the Xiang’E Primary School was completely destroyed during the 2008 earthquake, and claimed the lives of its students and teachers. The rebuilding of the Dujiangyan Xiang’E Primary School began in December 2008, and it was the first building completed under the Canada-B.C. Wenchuan Earthquake Reconstruction Program.

The reconstruction project was sponsored by the Shanghai Municipal Government, built by Shanghai Greenland Construction Group and designed by Shanghai Tongji University. The funding provided by the governments of B.C. and Canada for the new school came in the form of the wood materials, wood-framing expertise and quality assurance needed for the project. 

The new Xiang’E Primary School is the largest all wood-frame structure in China and is the one of the first wood frame constructed buildings in China to receive fire safety approval from local Sichuan authorities. The 5,300 square meter facility includes a mixture of multi-storey classrooms, dormitories that houses up to 540 students and 35 teachers, and common areas.  

Since its completion in September 2009, the school has become a beacon of a safe learning environment to the community and to the students of Xiang’E.