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Facing the Bohai Sea to the south and surrounded by mountains in the other three directions, the Qingdao Zhongshan Park is the oldest and most popular botanic and scenic park in Qingdao. The park was named after Sun Yat-sen – better known in China as Sun Zhongshan – and is also famous for its 100,000 varieties of plants that represents at least 360 botanical species.   

Although the park’s original all-wood landscaping pieces: the Sea View Pavilion, the Huiqian Village Relics, and the Snake Trellis, had stood the test of time, the pieces were badly in need of repairs. FII China repaired and refurbished a number of wood landscaping pieces and maintained their original appearance using outdoor wood products donated by the Government of British Columbia. The wood materials used for the project such as the Canadian Balsam Fir and Western Red Cedar are of top quality, durable, repel insects, and naturally resist decay. Both wood species are ideal for outdoor landscaping, wood carvings, and building renovations.