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Product trials have emerged as a highly successful means to engage with and motivate Indian manufacturers to try something different—and then convert or augment existing or new production to Canadian species. In 2016/17, the number of product trials grew to include several new manufacturers including:

Abbas Designer Door

Location: Mangalore

Company description: Abbas manufactures solid doors, wooden sofas, wardrobes, dining tables and other furniture.

Species trialled: In 2016/17, the company trialled western hemlock in place of teak, jackfruit and other hardwood species.

Products produced: Living room set including sofa and chairs.

Results: The manufacturer ordered western hemlock for full-scale commercial trials.



Location: Jaipur

Company description: Dormak manufactures fl ush doors, solid wood doors and door frames.

Species trialled: In 2016/17, the company trialled yellow cedar in place of meranti and radiata pine.

Products produced: Door frames.

Results: The manufacturer placed a commercial order for yellow cedar.



Location: Udaipur.

Company description: I.EVO is a large-scale manufacturer active in many product areas including indoor and outdoor, structural and appearance, wood and non-wood.

Species trialled: In 2016/17, the company trialled western red cedar in place of European pine and spruce.

Products produced: Pergolas, outdoor furniture and panelling.

Results: The company has made numerous commercial purchases from local wholesalers and has agreed to use western hemlock in a hotel room mock-up. The company also constructed FII India’s DelhiWood 2017 exhibition booth using all Canadian species with an emphasis on SPF.