FII China


FII China was established in 2004 as the Chinese subsidiary of FII to support market development efforts in mainland China. From offices in Shanghai, Beijing, Chengdu and Wuhan, FII China has employed an integrated marketing campaign that has included constructing demonstration projects, advancing building codes, delivering promotional activities, and building local partnerships with government.

FII China’s efforts have involved transferring Canadian-developed wood-frame technology and demonstrating the results of Canadian technology through projects that architects, engineers, developers, government officials and consumers can see, touch and experience. These initiatives have led to increased awareness around the flexibility of wood and the many beneficial qualities Canadian wood can bring to a structure.

FII China’s first series of market research reports indicated that the largest potential for promoting higher grades of SPF was in the construction market. To that end, in addition to undertaking further market research, FII China devoted its first decade to supporting activities that would create both short-term increases in sales of Canadian lumber products, and provide a platform for long-term growth of the wood-frame construction industry. China is now the second-largest export market for B.C. forest products.

In 2015, FII China, in consultation the Government of B.C., Natural Resources Canada, industry associations and Chinese partners, revised its strategic focus to meet the changing realities of the China construction market. The strengthened cooperative model between FII China and Canada Wood China will continue to serve as the foundation upon which the Canadian lumber industry pursues its interests in China.

Under Canada Wood China, these entities will continue to work together closely in the planning and implementation of a coordinated suite of market development activities, drawing upon the strengths and resources of both organizations to achieve mutual objectives.


Since 2004, FII China has signed over 30 Memoranda of Understanding with Chinese government agencies to promote the use of wood-frame building systems in China. In addition, FII China and Canada Wood China have jointly hosted a series of annual visits and trade missions from delegates representing the Government of Canada, the Government of B.C. and industry executives.

Over the past 10 years, a number of high ranking Canadian officials including Prime Minister Stephen Harper, B.C. Premiers Christy Clark and Gordon Campbell, Natural Resources Canada Minister Joe Oliver and Christian Paradis, and former Governor General Michaelle Jean have visited FII China/Canada Wood China sponsored demonstration projects and events led by industry associations. FII China is privileged to have signed cooperation agreements with some of China’s most forward thinking government agencies such as the Central Government’s Ministry of Housing Urban-Rural Development (MOHURD), Hebei Provincial MOHURD, the Shanghai Housing Bureau, and the Sichuan Ministry of Civil Affairs, among others.

Memoranda of Understanding form the foundation by which FII China cooperates with Chinese government agencies. As governments at all levels in China are highly involved in the real estate sector, and therefore the construction industry, FII China works with these government organizations to develop an environmentally sustainable solution to the country’s housing needs. The Chinese government has already taken an active role in reducing pollution and environmental degradation, and over the years, has become increasingly aware that wood-frame construction should be part of the equation.